Natural Feminine Wash for Vaginal Itch

Feeling itchy under your pants is embarrassing. Feeling itchy in a crowded place is even more awkward. This situation is often experienced by women with vaginal itch. Plus, they also feel embarrass confessing their problem in a health care professional. This reproductive health issue is the most common cause of low self esteem and inferiority. How will you manage vaginal itch and discharge? When can you be your own doctor and act on yourself?

Vaginal can be really stressful to a women experiencing it. It could lower their self confidence and self esteem. 50% of these cases are not confessed to a doctor and just rely on self-medicating. The reason for this, is that they feel embarrass on confessing it even to a friend or a relative. That is why 40% of these cases are left untreated and gets severe.
Most women with vaginal itch and discharge just rely on vaginal creams, feminine wash and other formulas which are sold over the counter nowadays. There is a broad selection of these formulas and looking for the right product can be hard. In addition, some of these formulas have ingredients or chemicals which can be harmful in a woman's feminine area. It could bring irritation or kill the normal flora on the vagina which can make your problems worst.

Vaginal itch is caused by the growth of bad bacteria in the outer vagina. It could cause imbalanced PH as well as can start an infection process that could make some irritation and discharges. Other factors that could contribute in bacterial overgrowth are candidiasis, diabetes mellitus, decreased immune resistance, chronic stress and recurrent infections.
Lowering the number of bacteria as well as bringing back the natural PH and good bacteria is the objective for the treatment. You can do this by some homemade remedies.

Avoid wearing of wet clothes to prevent bacterial growth. Changing your underwear when they get wet is a must. Yogurt is not just a food. It could restore the natural acidity in your vagina as well as kill the bad bacteria. You can apply plain yogurt in your feminine area 3 times a day for 15 minutes. Just make sure you wash it out thoroughly to prevent bad odor. It is also the primary natural treatment made for candidiasis. Avoid douching your vagina. Avoid scented soaps and use milder ones. Avoid panty liners as well.
When will you visit your doctor? When your discharge gets too fishy in odor or gets green or grey in color, consulting a gynecologist is a must. It may be a sign of an STD. Immediate cure and series of treatments are needed for that one.

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