Simple Measures on How to Prevent Feminine Odor

Have you ever had the feeling of walking pass people who are sitting down however, you feel awkward since you have your period? Feminine odor is strongest whenever a woman is undergoing her menstrual cycle and it can be really embarrassing. However, some ladies have bacterial vaginosis that is creating the fishy smell too. Such a medical problem can be a result of sexual intercourse or vaginal infection. For people who have observed that your vagina smells distinctly, try there 5 basic steps on how to stop feminine odor:

1. Don't ever Use Scented Cleansers When cleansing the genitals, it is best to use unscented soap and feminine wash since the scented properties aggravate the vagina odor. It can also result in further irritation and irritation in your private area. Another way on how to stop feminine odor is to refrain from douching since this removes the normal microorganisms in the genitals that helps regulate the normal level of acidity or pH level.

2. Perform Proper Hygiene The second approach on how to prevent feminine odor is to be certain that you cleanse your vagina often. Try a mild soap and warm water and ensure to clean it thoroughly. Take time washing it or even do it twice to ensure that all bad smelling germs are removed. After cleansing, put on 100% cotton underwear because it increases airflow inside the privates. This lessens wetness and bacteria growth.

3. Apply Tea Tree Oil One home cure on how to stop feminine odor is to utilize tea tree oil outside of the vagina. Tea tree oil has anti-fungal benefits which will kill bacteria and eradicate the smell. Simply mix a couple of drops of tea tree oil and 1 cup water and apply.

4. Replace Pads Frequently If you use your sanitary pads for a long time, the scent sticks in your skin which worsens the vagina odor. Hence, it is best that you often change your pad. You may change it every 3 to 4 hours even if your pad isn't filled yet.

5. Use Garlic Garlic is another natural solution for feminine odor. Due to the anti-fungal properties, you can apply pounded garlic outside the vagina. If you need to treat the inner section of your genitals, tie a garlic clove unto a string or pantyhose and place it right within the hole. The string will enable you to get it out easier.

Vagina odor is a big turn-off and you would wish to get rid of it straight away. It won't be an instantaneous procedure however, if you stay with these tips on how to eliminate feminine odor, you are likely to eliminate it sooner than you anticipate.

Awful feminine odor needs to be taken care of as quickly as possible to avoid any critical health consequence. Should you suffer from a awful genital odor, then visit today. It offers you recommendations on how to avoid feminine odor and valuable information to live a healthy lifestyle.